About the Artist


͙⁺˚*☾ Hello beautiful being! *˚⁺‧͙

I appreciate you so much for taking the time to read about my work and small business! 

Everything made at MonJude Studio is thoughtfully designed and crafted for what I call, the Modern Mystic: those who honor our Mother Earth and cosmos, and hold a deep rooted desire to connect to all things divine. I create with the intention that my wearable art will make you feel connected to our magical Universe, and amplify the beautiful energy that your soul naturally exudes.

 Each piece serves as a totem representative of different esoteric beliefs, philosophical ideas, or personal revelations that I've come to understand during my studies of nature, the cosmos, and humanities. I form a strong attachment to each unique creation and pour all of my love and care into the piece every step of the way, hoping its new owner feels the magic infused into it long after the piece has found its new home.

I continuously strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible in order to help preserve our planet's life and beauty. Click here to read more about my commitment to eco-friendly materials.

It fills my heart with so much joy to be able to share my perspective and passion for creation with others. I am beyond grateful to have the support of my loving partner, family, friends and YOU! Thank you for helping my dreams come true! *:・゚✧ 

Peace + Love,

Monica Judith


If you'd like to learn more about me and my work, old and new, the best place to check it out is through my social media profiles here!  


Artist Bio:

MonJude Studio is single-handedly operated by Monica Judith, a Multidisciplinary Chicana Artist who works in jewelry design, photography, multimedia production, dance, and other creative fields.

Monica was born just outside of Chicago, Illinois and spent much of her early life traveling back and forth from the midwest and west coast. After graduating with a BA from Dominican University in 2018, she once again relocated from the Windy City to the much warmer city of Sacramento, California. There, she was able to put her new creative expertise to use while working with youth in the Arts and Education.

After the world changing events of March 2020, Monica decided to take an indefinite leave from Education to refocus on her passion for art, creation, self expression, and spirituality. Soon after, she established MonJude Studio, where she now designs, creates, and sells her unique handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and more.

Besides creating jjewelry and art, Monica enjoys gardening, yoga, swimming, and spending quality time with her partner and their 6 beloved pets.